venerdì 15 febbraio 2008

Lou Courtney - I'm In Need Of Love

Artist: Lou Courtney
Title: I'm In Need Of Love
Genre: r&b Soul
Release Year: 1974
Type: New release 2008
Audio: CD
Total Runtime: 51:17

A wonderful album of mellow soul tracks! The record is Lou Courtney's masterpiece -- and it's a jam-packed set filled with great tracks that rank right up there with classic 70s work by artists like Marvin Gaye, Leroy Hutson, or Leon Ware! Leon Pendarvis handled most of the arrangements -- and the record's got a wonderfully full soul sound -- with a mix of moody keyboard-driven groovers and ballads -- all topped by excellent vocals from Lou, miles ahead of any work he did in the early days! The best thing, though, is the songwriting, as these tracks rank right up there with the best underground mellow soul we can think of -- sophisticated yet not soppy, filled with soulful lyrics about love and losing it, never giving into cliches of other soul from the time. A real dream of an album -- and filled with great tracks like "I Will If You Will", "I'm In Need Of Love", "Just To Let Him Break Your Heart", "Somebody New Is Loving On You", "Just To Let Him Break Your Heart", and "The Common Broken Heart".

Track List

01 The Common Broken Heart 5:39
02 Since I First Laid Eyes On You 3:45
03 What Do You Want Me To Do 2:54
04 The Best Thing A Man Can Never Do For His 5:09
05 I Will, If You Will 4:46
06 Somebody New Is Lovin' On You 5:25
07 I'm Serious About Lovin' You 4:54
08 I Don't Need Nobody Elese 3:33
09 Just To Let Him Break Your Heart 4:27
10 I'm In Need Of Love 4:20
11 Beware (Bonus) 3:23
12 Why (Bonus) 3:02

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