venerdì 15 febbraio 2008

Lamb - What Sound Limited Edition 2CD

Artist: Lamb
Title: What Sound Limited Edition 2CD
Genre: Lo-Fi
Release Year: 2001
Type: New release 2008
Audio: CD2
Total Runtime: 52:13

Lamb's latest album was released back in October of 2001,
and variations of that have been trickeling out for some
while. OZM released the Australian bonus CD some while
back, but that was only the 5 track copy. I was rather
happy to find the limited edition copy, with 10 tracks!
This second CD has the 5 tracks from OZM's rel (all old s,
mixes), plus one new mix (Soulchild's mix of "Sweet") and
four live tracks, from Brussels. If you missed the first
release of the full album, that's here, too (lacking the
song "Written", see the FAQ for more info).
Lamb is fond of hidden tracks (Fear of Fours had an
instrumental remix of Lullaby before the album on some
pressings), and "Blessing in Disguise" is found nine
minutes, 32 seconds into the last track. The rather
long silent bit is left in, just skim ahead.
Bliss Out - from Chromance!

Track Listing

01. What Sound
02. One
03. Sweet
04. I Cry
05. Scratch Bass
06. Heaven
07. Small
08. Gabriel
09. Sweetheart
10. Just Is / Blessing In Disguise

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