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CD Review: Jessica Simpson - Do You Know

Jessica Simpson, con il nuovo albun 'Do You Know' si getta a piedi uniti sulle orme già tracciate da Faith Hill e Shania Twain!!

Forse cominciava a stare stretto il panorama pop a 'Jessica Simpson', dove la competizione con la nuova generazione di stelline-pop da alta classifica, cominciava ad essere svantaggiosa. E allora eccola calarsi nei panni di perfetta cantante country-pop, con questo nuovo lavoro 'Do You Know' che odora di Nashville.

L'album prodotto dal pluri-premiato Grammy Award songwriter Brett James (Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts) e dall'altrettanto decorato John Shanks (Alanis Morissette, Bon Jovi, Keith Urban) è pieno di ottimi brani. Tutte le canzoni sono in pieno tema country, dove si strizza l'occhio a volte un po' alla Twain, a volte un po' alla Hill. Però si sà; di questi tempi in America puntando li, non si sbaglia!!

Jessica nel disco divide le interpretazioni con alcuni dei migliori cantautori di Nashville (Troy Verges, Hillary Lindsey). E ancora più degno di nota è che la title track, 'Do You Know', scritta per lei da una dei suoi idoli: Dolly Parton. E che l'avrebbe mai detto!!!

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Disc: 1
1. Come on Over
2. Remember That
3. Pray out Loud
4. You're My Sunday
5. Sipping on History
6. Still Beautiful
7. Still Don't Stop Me
8. When I Loved You Like That
9. Might as Well Be Making Love
10. Man Enough
11. Do You Know - feat. Dolly Parton,

Disc: 2
1. Come on Over [DVD]
2. Making of the Video: Come on Over [DVD]

Artist: Jessica Simpson
Title: Do You Know
Genre: Country, Pop, Rock
Release Year: 2008
Type: New Release
Audio: CD

Testi di Jessica Simpson

Official Web site

Jessica Simpson' s sixth album and country debut, "Do You Know," forgoes rich storytelling and genuine heart in exchange for pop-driven, nondescript vocal showcases.

Tossing words like "God," "Pray," "Angels" and "Damn" into a lyric pool does not a country song make. Apparently, no one told Simpson, who had a hand in writing every track. A few steel guitars help the mood, but without an everyday-America feel or any real substance to the songs, these tunes feel more like bubblegum love-pop or mainstream radio ballads.
Simpson's thoughts are usually drowned out by heavy musical productions, repetitious choruses, or her own beautiful, but trying-too-hard vocalizations. Reiterating lines like "When I loved you like that," or "Are you man enough?" doesn't make them any more believable or authentic, and it comes across as what it is--filler. It's hard to concentrate on anything but Simpson's singing ability throughout the record, making "Do You Know" seem more like an "American Idol" audition rather than an organic, true-blooded expression.

Although the songwriting is mostly weak, there are a few promising selections. "Remember That" is a catchy girlfriend-to-girlfriend lecture about not going back to a bad man. "Remember how he pushed you in the hallway/just enough to hurt a little bit/Remember the whiskey in his whispers/and the lies that fell so easy from his lips," Simpson wails. And she shines on the hit single "Come On Over," a fast-talking, descriptive plea for company. Closing the album with star-power, Dolly Parton lends lyrics and vocals for the album's title track, a fun, boot-tapping, hand-clapping devotion to love.

"Do You Know" is a sweet, easy-moving collection of songs that never really conjure up any strong emotions. While Simpson has certainly mastered the art of singing, she may need to spend a little more time in Nashville to get some genuine country spirit into her music.

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