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The Rolling Stones - Shine a Light - Original Soundtrack

Artist: The Rolling Stones
Title: Shine a Light - Original Soundtrack
Genre: Rock
Release Year: 2008
Type: New release
Audio: CD2

Testi di The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones (Shine A Light) non è un nuovo doppio album di Jagger e soci, ma bensi la colonna sonora del film girato dal regista Martin Scorsese sulla band, e presentato di recente al 58 Festival del cinema di Berlino, che i documenta alcuni spettacoli degli Stones al Beacon Theatre (New York), il 29 ottobre e 1 novembre 2006. Per la pellicola Scorsese ha riunito una troupe di cineasti di primo livello, guidati dal premio Oscar Robert Richardson, (JFK), e per la fotografia: John Toll, Andrew Lesnie, Stuart Dryburgh e Robert Elswith. Il montaggio finale è stato curato da David Tedeschi, lo stesso che da poco ha ultimato con Scorsese il documentario su Bob Dylan (No Direction Home: Bob Dylan).

Special Guest in questo Shine a Light: Buddy Guy, il vecchio Boogie Man canta e suona in Champagne & Reefer, Jack White dei White Stripes che duetta su Loving Cup, e Christina Aguilera alle prese con una straripante versione di Live With Me. A dare lustro a questa doppia edizione, ci sono quattro bonus tracks rimaste escluse nel film: Paint It Black, Little T & A, Shine A Light e I'm Free.
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Track Listings

Disc: 1
1. Jumping Jack Flash
2. Shattered
3. She Was Hot
4. All Down the Line
5. Loving Cup (feat. Jack White III)
6. As Tears Go By
7. Some Girls
8. Just My Imagination
9. Faraway Eyes
10. Champagne & Reefer (feat. Buddy Guy)
11. Tumbling Dice
12. Band introductions
13. You Got the Silver
14. Connection

Disc: 2
1. Sympathy for the Devil
2. Live With Me (feat. Christina Aguilera)
3. Start Me Up
4. Brown Sugar
5. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
6. Paint it Black
7. Little T&A
8. I'm Free
9. Shine A Light

Shine a Light, the soundtrack to the Martin Scorsese concert film of the Rolling Stones joins 1982’s Still Life, 1991’s Flashpoint, 1995’s Stripped, and 1998’s No Security as fairly recent documents of the Stones’ live act. This doesn’t include the 1996 release of The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus, which was a live show from 30 years ago with Lennon and the Who. The point is that their live act has been put to record quite a bit, so do we need another live set from them?

The record contains versions of Stone staples like “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” “Shattered,” “Brown Sugar,” and “Start Me Up.” These are solid versions that feature the band giving it a solid go with ample exuberance and panache. The album’s merits lie in the collaborations with guest artists and the stellar versions of songs like “She Was Hot” (from 1983’s Undercover) and a fabulous version of the Temptation’s “Just My Imagination.” “All Down the Line” also sizzles with the brilliant time keeping of Master Charlie Watts. One of the greatest things about listening to a live Stones album mixed at the highest quality is being able to hear the skills of the incredibly steady drum technician. Watts’ playing on this record is solidly fabulous. He never seems to make mistakes and is the rock of that band, which, on this album, features eight additional musicians alongside Jagger, Watts, Wood, Richards and bassist Darryl Jones.

The jewels of this release are the three collaborations: Jack White on “Loving Cup,” who sounds as if he is having the time of his life hamming it up with the ageless Mick Jagger, Buddy ‘Motherfucker’ Guy (as Jagger so eloquently announces) on a ripping version of “Champagne & Reefer,” and the talented Christina Aguilera on “Live With Me.” The Divine Ms. A stands toe to toe with the greatest front man in the history of music and sings the piss out of the song while Richards riffs it up. These three tracks make the album worth adding to your collection.

Why does the guitarist have to sing one song? Jagger probably needs a blow from his two-hour aerobic workout, but can’t we get a Charlie Watts drum solo, or Bernard Fowler singing a song? No, we have to put up with the absolutely shot voice of Keith Richards. Yechhhhh! “Connection” is 3:38 of pure torture. There are several points in the song when I thought a dog got caught in a bear trap as Richards tried to yelp out the higher notes. Please, please, put this horrible custom out to pasture. Other than that horrible misstep, this is a good record that sounds excellent.

Testi di The Rolling Stones

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