domenica 21 ottobre 2007

Santana "Ultimate Santana"

Artist: Santana
Title: Ultimate Santana
Genre: Latin-Rock
Release: 2007

Nuova raccolta con inedito (Into The Night, feat. Chad Kroeger) per il chitarrista Carlos Santana


1. Into The Night (featuring Chad Kroeger)
2. Smooth (featuring Rob Thomas)
3. Maria Maria (featuring The Product G&B)
4. This Boy's Fire (featuring Jennifer Lopez & Baby Bash)
5. She's Not There
6. Black Magic Woman
7. The Game Of Love (featuring Michelle Branch)
8. Samba Pa Ti
9. Evil Ways
10. Put Your Lights On (with Everlast)
11. Corazon Espinado (featuring Mana)
12. Why Don't You And I (featuring Chad Kroeger)
13. Just Feel Better (featuring Steven Tyler)
14. Europa
15. No One To Depend On
16. Oye Como Va

Video - Into The Night (featuring Chad Kroeger)

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