martedì 13 maggio 2008

Jeff Healey - Mess of Blues

Artist: Jeff Healey
Title: Mess of Blues
Genre: Blues
Release Year: 2008
Type: New release
Audio: CD

Disco di cover postumo questo Mess of Blues per il chitarrista canadese Jeff Healey, mancato a marzo di quest'anno per una grave malattia. Ora Jeff dispensa blues con la sua chitarra i tanti amici prematuramente volati lassù!!

Dopo aver lottato a lungo con una grave malattia, Jeff Healey ha dovuto cedere alla forza del cancro, ed è scomparso nel scorso mese di marzo, proprio alla vigilia della publicazione di questo suo ultimo disco: Mess of Blues, primo album dopo di otto anni di silenzio forzato.

L'album è stato registrato alla fine del 2007 alla Jeff Healey's Roadhouse a Toronto, con il giro di musicisti che l'accompagnano da sempre, (Dave Murphy tastiere, il bassista Alec Fraser, Dan Noordermeer alla chitarra e Al Webster alla batteria, e segna un ritorno alle radici dei primi album con la maggior parte delle tracce (Cover) registrate in studio; Jambalaya, The Weight e Like A Hurricane di Neil Young, e due tracce I'm Tore Down e How Blue Can You Get dal vivo.

Questo disco, resterà nella memoria di chi ha amato il chitarrista, un lavoro doppiamente importante ed emozionale, primo perchè non avrà seguito, seconto perchè Jeff non è più tra noi.


1. I'm Tore Down (Live)
2. How Blue Can You Get
3. Sugar Sweet
4. Jambalaya
5. The Weight
6. Mess O' Blues
7. It's Only Money
8. Like A Hurricane
9. Sittin' On Top Of The World
10. Shake, Rattle And Roll

Jeff Healey’s latest release, Mess Of Blues, is slated for an April 22 release on Ruf Records (internationally) and Stoney Plain Records (in Canada). His first blues-rock release in eight years, it's split between recent studio recordings, a couple recorded live at his Roadhouse club in Toronto, and a couple recorded live at the Islington Academy in London.
Though some like to think that great musicians are elevated to the status of eminent legend once they’re deceased, that announcement would be redundant in Jeff Healey’s case. He was already an authentic legend before the fact. Back in 1988, when he released his debut album, See the Light, listeners knew immediately that they were hearing greatness for the first time. The fact that he rested his Fender Stratocaster on his lap like a lap-steel and played all of the chordal and fretboard formations in an approach all his own rendered him truly innovative and courageous to guitar players and music fans everywhere. He became an authentic six-string hero instantly. The fact that he was blinded before the age of one from a rare cancer, the sole significance in forcing him to develop such an atypical playing style, shed a light of reverence on his amazing talent. Though he went on to live a rewarding and fruitful existence, garnering respect and admiration from fellow musicians and fans worldwide, cancer once again surfaced, taking him at the age of 41 on March 2nd, 2008. The shining light to the story is that his musical legacy will live on, and his memory will fill the minds and hearts of many for years to come. Mess Of Blues is very much a part of that legacy.

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