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3 Doors Down - 3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down, un altro ottimo album dalla brillante rock band dei 3 Doors Down. A giudicare dai primi due brani pubblicati 'Citizen/Soldier' e 'It's Not My Time', entrambi basate sul tema dei soldati impegnati a combattere la guerra in Iraq, ci riporta immediatamente alle canzoni del loro primo album, che riprendevano anni fà lo stesso increscioso tema, e musicalmente parlando invece, segna un ritorno indietro al loro suono originale. E se il loro primo album fu una vera sorpresa, questo - sulla stessa falsa riga - non dovrebbe deludere.

Questo quarto disco intitolato solo, 3 Doors Down, offre la più forte raccolta della loro carriera, e per fortuna loro, abbandona il sound 'mainstream' dei dischi precedenti e riconducibile a band come (Nickelback e Puddle Of Mudd) anche se (vedi la vita) il batterista Daniel Adair è entrato nei Nickelback, sostituito da Greg Upchurch, venuto dai Puddle Of Mudd).

Nonstante gli scambi di batterista il disco suona hard al punto giusto. Già l'iniziale 'Train', spara duro e anche le già citate 'Citizen/Soldier', 'It's Not My Time', 'Give It To Me' sono sulla stessa riga. Il primo momento di pausa è con 'Pages', una ballad intensa e coinvolgente. Nel complesso un album pulsante e pieno belle melodie e di energia.


1. Train
2. Citizen/Soldier
3. It's Not My Time
4. Let Me Be Myself
5. Pages
6. It's The Only One You've Got
7. Give It To Me
8. These Days
9. Your Arms Feel Like Home
10. Runaway
11. When It's Over
12. She Don't Want The World

Artist: 3 Doors Down
Title: 3 Doors Down
Genre: Rock
Release Year: 2008
Type: New release
Audio: CD

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Testi di 3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down, "3 Doors Down" (Universal Republic): Fist-pumping arena rock is a favorite target for critics, who remain somewhat baffled as to why these bands continue to fill major venues and play upward of 300 shows a year. Truth be told, the post-grunge scene sounds increasingly bland and repetitive — making it hard for any band of that genre to stand out.

On their self-titled fourth disc, 3 Doors Down offer the strongest collection of their career, and fortunately separate themselves a bit from the mainstream rock crowd — think Nickelback and Puddle of Mudd for clarity (coincidentally, former drummer Daniel Adair left to join Nickelback and his replacement, Greg Upchurch, is a former member of Puddle of Mudd). 3 Doors Down maintain their fiery mix of southern hard rock and bic-lighter ballads with pulsating energy.

There's no denying a slew of arena-ready standouts, including the muscular "Train," the uplifting "It's The Only One You've Got," and the 80s-ish charm of "Runaway." Lest we forget the hard-rockin' ladies, they're sure to fall for the soft touch of "Let Me Be Myself" and "Your Arms Feel Like Home."

The band also hits a grand slam with lead single "It's Not My Time," a track that's already dominating rock radio with its ridiculously catchy riff and crowd-pleasing chorus. 3 Doors Down aren't going to win over any harsh critics with this effort, but they probably have another platinum seller and sold-out tour on their hands.

CHECK THIS TRACK OUT: Disc closer "She Don't Want The World" is a moody tale of longing backed by minimal guitar and slick overdubs that sounds nothing like 3 Doors Down, who should try branching out like this more often.

Testi di 3 Doors Down

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3 Doors Down is an album by American rock band 3 Doors Down, released on May 20, 2008.[1][2] "It's Not My Time" was the first single from the album and was released in February 2008. It can be heard on the band's MySpace site. Another song on the album, "Citizen/Soldier" was released in 2007 as a tribute to the National Guard.[3] The album became the band's second consecutive #1 album on the Billboard 200, debuting at #1 with first week sales of 154,000.[4] It has sold 330,227 copies in the U.S. as of its fifth week of release.

Track listing

1. "Train" - 3:10
2. "Citizen/Soldier" - 3:52
3. "It's Not My Time" - 4:01
4. "Let Me Be Myself" - 3:48
5. "Pages" - 3:47
6. "It's the Only One You've Got" - 4:23
7. "Give It to Me" - 3:21
8. "These Days" - 3:39
9. "Your Arms Feel Like Home" - 3:44
10. "Runaway" - 3:24
11. "When It's Over" - 4:18
12. "She Don't Want the World" - 4:03

Bonus tracks

1. "Feet in the Water" (Best Buy Exclusive) - 4:34
2. "Who Are You" (Best Buy Exclusive) - 3:08

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3 Doors Down - It's Not My Time lyrics
Love that one guys...great music and lyrics