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CD Review: The Coral - Singles Collection

The Coral, la band di Hoylake da alle stampe la loro prima raccolta; 'Singles Collection'. Un doppio cd con rare tracce, brani dal vivo e un inedito; 'Being Somebody Else'.

In attesa del nuovo album previsto per la fine del 2008, ecco pubblicato il 15 Settembre, la prima raccolta ufficiale per la band inglese dei 'The Coral'; 'Singles Collection'.

Il progetto prevede un doppio cd con tutti i singoli pubblicati fino ad oggi, rare tracce, brani dal vivo e un inedito; 'Being Somebody Else'.

La raccolta che sarà doppia, oltre ai singoli classici, avrà anche un secondo cd con diversi inediti, qualche b-sides ed alcune registrazioni dal vivo. Nella tracklist un brano inedito; 'Being Somebody Else'. Il doppio cd è stato pubblicato l'8 settembre 2008.


1. Dreaming of You
2. In the Morning
3. Pass it On (Mp3)
4. Don't Think You're the First
5. Jacqueline
6. Secret Kiss
7. Goodbye
8. Shadows Fall
9. Leizah
10. Who's Gonna Find Me
11. Bill McCai
12. Put The Sun Back
13. Something Inside of Me
14. Being Somebody Else

1. When All The Birds Have Flown (Roots & Echoes outtake) - prev. unreleased
2. The Golden Bough - new track - prev. unreleased
3. Michael's Song - new track - prev. unreleased
4. Cry of the City - new track - prev. unreleased
5. Everybody's Talking At Me - live from Isle of Man
6. Far from the Crowd - live from Elevator Studios
7. She's Got A Reason - live from Elevator Studios
8. Return Her To Me - outtake from Magic and Medicine - prev. unreleased
9. Monkey to the Moon - outtake from The Invisible Invasion - prev. unreleased
10. It Was Nothing - Help Charity album recording
11. Cobwebs - 8 track demo
12. Simon Diamond - original version
13. Shadows Fall Instrumental
14. Calendars and Clocks demo
15. Seagulls - previously unreleased track recorded in Ian's bedroom - prev. unreleased
16. Dreaming of You demo
17. It's In Your Hands - early demo - prev. unreleased
18. Reward - live at the Queen Liverpool
19. Bye Bye Love - live from the Isle of Man

Artist: The Coral
Title: Singles Collection
Genre: Indie Rock
Release Year: 2008
Type: New release
Audio: CD

No other band from Britpop's second wave of guitar-bands has produced such an impressive body of work as The Coral, as this superlative compilation ably demonstrates.

In places, their restless desire to explore can lead them into strange musical hybrids, but there's no denying James Skelly's songwriting talents, nor the band's apparently limitless grasp of whatever mode they alight upon. They tackle offbeat organ ska-pop ("Dreaming of You"), folk-rock ("Liezah"), Morricone-esque pop exotica ("Don't Think You're The First"), strident psych-rock ("Goodbye"), haunted western soundscaping ("Shadows Fall"), twangy polka-pop ("Bill McCai"), sweeping orchestral pop (the new single, "Being Somebody Else"), a more original Lennon-McCartney pastiche than any Oasis track ("Jacqueline"), and several songs that conjure the irresistible from the seemingly inconsequential. A bonus disc of mysteries and rarities extends their reach further.

Pick of the album:'In the Morning', 'Pass It On', 'Don't Think You're the First', 'Bill McCai', 'Dreaming of You', 'Being Somebody Else'

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